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Our Rebbe once exclaimed: “Just the binding (of my books) alone, will be an obstacle.” A binding serves to join together many things, but sometimes it also provides an obstacle; it may frighten, discourage or even push away. It is difficult enough to dedicate some time to learn, and then, with a book already in hand, quite often priceless time is wasted in flipping through the many pages in search of the required material, and once again, a precious opportunity wasted away.

For this there is a solution – to take samples. Like a fabric store, in which an efficient salesman must provide an array of samples of each fabric and style. In this way, every customer can easily find what he desires.  This is how the Rebbe defined the task of his greatest disciple, Reb Nosson – to arrange samples.

This website,  is intended for all those searching to find the guidance and remedies devised by the great healer of souls. Within, we have gathered together teachings and ideas of the Rabbis and mentors of Breslov. We have tried to collect a wide range of styles so that each person may find the path most befitting him.

Our holy Rebbe taught that the most vital of principles is Emunah (faith). Knowledge, understanding, learning and insight are all to be used for one purpose- to open the gates of Emunah. Fixed in the heart of every Jew is Emunah, an inseparable part of our being. Yet it can be that our Emunah may become concealed under layers of routine, hidden beneath a dark shadow of physicality. This is gallus (exile) – gallus of the soul.

It is the Tzaddikim who toiled all their lives with complete self-sacrifice to implant Emunah in every person and in every part of creation, and the keys to the gates of Emunah are hidden within their books. Yet each key on a bunch must be readily accessible; this is the aim of this website and weekly publication – ‘Shaarei Emunah’ (The Gates of Emunah).

This website is presented to you by the Tzidkat Shalom Institute and follows a series of publications produced weekly in parallel with our sister publication “Elah Le’Trufa”.  Most of the Divrei Torah contained herein are translated from the original Hebrew. It was with extreme trepidation that we ventured to translate from the Hebrew into English, but realized the need to present the Torah of Rebbe Nachman given over by many of the Gedolei Breslov today.  As with any translation there are deficiencies and potential for error both in the contextual and emotive sense, especially as it relates to the more esoteric concepts of our Holy Torah. We have done our utmost to remain faithful to the original text and expression of the Authors.

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